Barrel-Buddy® Products

BB-3PB003 Brush

1 pkg of 3 Replacement Cleaning Brushes

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BB-PB006 Port Cleaning Brush

BB-PB006 shotgun port cleaning brush BARREL-BUDDY.COM

shotgun port cleaning brush

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BarrelBuddy® Gun Rest

The patented BarrelBuddy® shotgun rest.

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  • Bore Brushes

    Canon Brushes 12g

    These are the heavy duty bore brushes & short rods that RodgeF (Roger Furiness, RMF Products) brought to you in the North East shooting tournaments and to the Grand, Sadly Roge is gone but his brushes live on, and are available at Barrel-Buddy Products.

    We carry two different brushes:

    The 'choke' brush is distinguished by red bristles and the 'chamber' brush has natural colored bristles.

    Brush Handles

    We have available for purchase the original RodgeF screw driver tip handle or we have the NEW Barrel-Buddy custom 'T-handle'.

    The Barrel-Buddy T-handle is made out of T-6 alum and is powder coated.

  • Gun Rests

    Gun Rests

  • Wad Knockers

    Knocks the stuck 'wad' out of the gun barrel.

    Barrel Buddy has been making this tool since 2000. In the past our competitors were manufacturing an inferior product using glue which tended to inconveniently pull out. Instead of glue we "ID Machine" our brass wad knocker at the top so that our Key ring securely seats inside the shaft with a ball connector.

    Our product is USA made from solid brass 4" x 1/2".

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